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You yearn for a dazzling, healthy garden, but the truth is that it’s littered with weeds which isn’t ideal. Refrain from pulling them out and having them grow back later. Alternatively, reach out to Allrid, weed control specialists, for assistance. Our services will help in controlling weeds, curbing future outbreaks and accomplishing your goal of having a picturesque lawn that you’ll be pleased to call yours.

Understanding weeds

Weeds are self-seeking plants that grow just about any place they can find space even among your treasured lawn. Any species belonging to the plant kingdom which includes ferns, trees and algae can be classified as a weed. Many plants formerly used as crops, culinary and medicinal herbs, and ornamentals are present-day weeds. Whenever you watch the wind blowing, you can be sure it carries along with it tons of weed seeds and drops them right in your garden.


To successfully control weeds, you must start with understanding the type of weed at hand. Let’s look into the three kinds of weeds.

  • Annuals: Even though weeds like chickweed and groundsel germinate, flower and succumb within a year, they can swiftly take over your lawn with their enormous number of seeds.
  • Bulbil-producing: Plants such as buttercups and Oxalis develop a web of bulbils – minuscule bulblike structures – within the soil, which are arduous to eliminate. Chemical weed-killers stand as the only robust method of control.
  • Perennials: Common garden weeds like daisies, thistles, and dandelions pop up year after year. The majority have far-reaching root systems, rendering them cumbersome to eliminate.

Why should you eliminate weeds?

Whatever the type of weed, it’s always advisable to seek weed control professions for a lasting solution.

Weeds have an adverse impact on our lawns; such as:

  • Compete with our treasured plants’ nutrients, sunlight, and water.
  • Compete for space thereby crowding the leaves and roots of the surrounding plants
  • Create a fire peril especially in hot climates when they dry up an die
  • Shelter pests and diseases
  • Use up resources – weeds consume your time and money on control and elimination
  • Lastly, they interfere with the beauty of your well-cultivated garden


Signs of weeds on your lawn

  • Discoloration of your plants
  • Stunted growth of your plants
  • Plants start to die

If you see any of these signs, you need to get in touch with a weed control professional.

Methods of removal

Albeit you can tolerate a few weeds on your lawn – perhaps for their positive contribution to the yard’s biodiversity which attracts useful insects like butterflies and bees – most weeds make your garden look hideous if not dealt with promptly.

Weed control experts know the best removal techniques depending on the weed in question. The techniques include; use of machines, tools and chemicals.

Why engage with Allrid?

Allrid is a renowned weed removal company that extends reliable weed control and removal services for West Australian and Perth residents.

We effectively tackle weed problems and also provide long-lasting solutions to ensure that weeds never colonize your garden.

Contact us today for all your pest control requirements.