Wasp Removal Perth


Wasps comprise of a hugely diverse variety of insect with over 30,000 identified species. Most people are familiar with the kind enveloped in vivid warning colors – those that buzz fiercely about in swarms and scare us with excruciating stings. Nobody wants such intruders in their homes and that why Allrid offer wasp eradication services.

About wasps

Wasps are classified into two main groups: solitary and social. Social wasps account for roughly 1,000 species and include imposing colony-builders like hornets and yellow jackets.

Colonies of social wasps are built by a queen fertilized a year earlier and who made it through winter by way of hibernation in a summery place.

On emergence, the queen builds a nest and brings up a starter progeny of worker females. The workers contribute towards the enlargement of the nest, erecting several six-sided cells where the queen regularly lays eggs.

Towards summer’s end, the colony of over 5,000 wasps, including the establishing queen dies in winter. Only the newly fertilized queens endure the cold and take up the process once more in spring.

Wasps build their nests in wall cracks, compost bins, attic, shed and trees.

Why you must rid your home or business of wasps

Wasps pose a health hazard to humans and below are some of the reasons why you should eliminate these insects:

  • Wasp stings are incredibly toxic.
  • The effects of a wasp-sting vary and may be severe.
  • Wasp stings result in dreadful allergic reactions on the skin.
  • Sometimes, wasps erect their nests inside vents which pose an exceedingly high risk to dwellers.

Signs of a wasp infestation


When checking for a wasp infestation in your premises, begin by checking for flying insects. Wasps are identifiable by their slender, yellow abdomen accompanied by long wings. When your residence has a wasp scourge, you’ll notice a few of the insects thronging a single area.

  • Chewed wood: Some species of wasp erect their nests by chomping wood. When your residence has wasp invasion, you’ll start to notice tunnels or holes pop up in wooden surfaces. Chewed wood is wasps-mud-nestalso an indication of termites or ants, thus contact your local pest control provider to determine the cause of the wood damage.
  • Visible nests: Perhaps the best sign of a wasp scourge is when nests become conspicuous in your residence. Hinging on the wasp species, nests may be made from mud particles or chewed wood.

Wasp infestation treatment

Allrid offers a comprehensive eradication service which includes:

  • Inspection: We inspect your home wholly and give you a report on the findings
  • Aerosol: Involves flushing cracks and crevices
  • Removal: Involves the destruction of nests
  • Advice: Upon eradication of wasps, we offer information on how to maintain a wasp-free home

Why choose Allrid?

We let our skilled team inspect the extent of your wasp scourge and offer tailored solutions as per the current status of the insect infestation. Allrid provides wasp removal services, removing wasp nests from a variety of different residences and gardens across Perth and Western Australia. Our service is swift, efficient and affordable.

Contact us today for all your pest control requirements.