White Ant Treatment and Termite Treatment Perth


Termites (“white ants”) are causing havoc on buildings all throughout Western Australia. These wood-eating pests do not discriminate and they prey on both residential and commercial properties. The cost of their damage is striking — as they’re super fast, with a colony eating one-foot of a 2×4 in half a year.

Even more troubling to think about is the fact that colonies can easily contain millions of termites. They build tunnels and nests to keep safe. They’re active little buggers too… While colonies often contain millions, think about this: in just over 3,000 years a single termite could make its way through a 1,000sq ft home.

The damage potential is massive — seeking out termite treatment is a must from the first sign of termites.

What Are Termites / White Ants Exactly?

White ants are “Subterranean termites” which also happens to be the most common and troubling type of termite that exists. These white ants are responsible for roughly 95% of residential and commercial building damage from termites. The other kind of termites are drywood and dampwood; as the name applies, drywood termites do not require moisture to survive but it is required for dampwood termites.

This type of pest has existed for roughly ¼ billion years. They’ve learned to survive through the worst of conditions and only need dampness (ideally from lumber) to stay alive. However, timber is not mandatory for them to thrive — when in survival mode, they usually stick with wet soil. They’ll work their way around the soil, surviving from its moisture, and ultimately find damp wood which is where they start their “feast”.

Why Termite Treatment is Essential Immediately


Termite colonies can manifest at varying sizes. Some might have 50,000 termites while others could have 5 million or more. The difference is staggering, because your entire home could be destroyed within only a few months time. A termite infestation happens fast too. In a 15-year span, a Queen could lay more than 165 million eggs (roughly one every 30 seconds).

Without a doubt, white ant treatment is needed from the moment that the first termite is discovered. Most residents will not actually have home insurance coverage that acts against termites. The reason for this is because it’s believed that home maintenance can help prevent a termite infestation from happening in the first place.

If you’re interested in preventing white ants before you need termite treatment the Allrid pest control team can help. You can inquire about our physical & chemical barriers (popular with new home builds) which will keep termites away.

Warning Signs of a Potential Termite Infestation

Two key warning signs exist — swarmers and a mud like substance.

1. Swarmers – A Leading Indicator of Termite Infestationtermite-swarm

“Swarmers” will leave their nests and try to build new colonies. These flying white ants can sometimes be seen around light sources. These termites can be spotted more often during the hotter months, and right after the warmest times of the year.

Termites head underground when the weather gets cold. They thrive when the temperature is around the 75 degrees Fahrenheit mark. This means between December and February is when termites will be most active at destroying timber inside buildings across Perth. They won’t be so active between June and August when the weather is colder.

Watch for swarmers from December to March. Your best chance of spotting them is on a day following rain, when it’s warm outside.

2. Mud Substance – A Very Visual, Traceable Sign of Termites

Year-round, it’s possible to identify a termite infestation by locating a “mud-like substance”. It’s a combination of their saliva, droppings and soil. This substance is used to cover up holes that are made when building tunnels. For example, the termites might chew all the way through wood right to the surface layer but then “reinforce a wall” with their mud-like substance.

These mud paths are actually used to craft tunnels for a good reason. The termites have the moisture and soil they need to survive. Therefore, they can travel as far as they want to locate new timber to feast on as long as they keep building their mud trail. As the damage grows, you might notice this substance in cracks in your walls, beams, steps and patios.

Examine the outside of your home, especially around lumber-based foundations. Their tunnels will be mud layers (pencil-sized) traveling along the wood. You might notice some other little mud trails sticking out of the ground nearby, or some mud droppings that are falling off of wood in the same area. If you press on the substance and it crumbles it’s likely an older tunnel as the substance stays moist when termites continue using that pathway (due to their saliva).


Plan White Ant Treatment if Termites Are Spotted

We’ve already explained how important it is to treat a termite infestation as soon as it’s discovered. Your next step is to reach out to us and we’ll visit your property and evaluate the extent of the damage. You can first request a free quote to figure out if you want to move forward.

Not sure if you have an infestation?

We also provide termite inspection services. Our pest control professionals are able to look around your property for signs of white ants. We’ll be able to accurately determine whether these termites have ridden your home, business or otherwise.

Further, our prevention services are a great choice if you’re worried that termites might eventually infest your home. We’ll create chemical (and even physical) barriers to serve as major resistance points. The termites will turn the other way and keep exploring, while not habitating around your home or trying to build a colony there.

Why Choose Allrid?

Allrid is an experienced pest removal service company that provides termite treatment Perth residents and business owners can rely on. We’re also servicing nearby areas throughout Western Australia — we currently cover Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Newman, Port Hedland and Tom Price.

We’ll effectively handle your white ant treatment needs. Upon successful clearance of these troubling pests, we provide prevention services to ensure they don’t come back. We are confident you won’t have to deal with termites ever again — our elite level of prevention services are exactly why we were selected to quarantine the Gorgon gas project site on Barrow Island.

Contact us today for all your pest control requirements. We personally standy every single pest treatment that we deliver, with a 3 month guarantee.