Spider Pest Control Perth

Spiders are often beneficial because they eat many types of insects, including those that are pests. But, when spiders make themselves at home in your home, they can lead to problems and health risks, hence why it’s important to contact a spider pest control specialist.

Typically you will find spiders in warm, dark places which are often cracks, corners or the eaves of your home – difficult places to reach. While you may not spot the spider straight away, you might spot their web. As soon as you see a web (or a spider!) you need to contact a spider pest control company before you or your family get bitten.

There are more than 34,000 species of spiders that inhabit the earth, and 2,900 different species of spiders in Western Australia.

Common  spiders found in the home

Some common species of spiders that can be found in buildings include:

Huntsman SpidersHuntsman Spider
This spider is a large flat bodied spider that is common to see around the house. Unlike other spiders, the huntsman does not build webs, it simply hunts and forages for food. So you’ll usually see if running around your house in search of it’s next meal. While it’s bite is poisonous to humans and is extremely painful, it is not fatal.
Redback SpiderRedback Spider
This spider typically lives in and around the house and hides in dry, sheltered places, such as sheds, mailboxes and dog kennels. You can recognise a redback spider by it’s distinct red stripe on the back of it’s black body. The bite of a redback is extremely serious and can cause severe pain. A redback eats small snakes, insects and frogs.
Whitetail spiderWhite-Tailed Spiders
Unlike the redback which loves dry environments this spider is found in cool dark places, such as in garden mulch. It’s bite can cause swelling and itchiness. This spider is generally a dark red or grey colour with orange banded legs.

Spider Treatments

Allrid’s spider pest control service starts with an inspection of the premises to determine the extent of the problem.

If required, Allrid will commence with the application of insecticide to eliminate the spiders present and leave a residual protective barrier to protect from future spider infestation. This spider treatment will be effective for up to six months.

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