Silverfish Control Perth

Labeled the ‘secret agent’ of house pests, silverfish are sneaky insects that lurk around your residence particularly in the warmer months. While these critters often hide during the day, it’s common to find them feeding on your books and treasured possessions at night. If you suspect having a silverfish infestation, contact Allrid, silverfish control specialists, to protect your belongings.

About silverfish


Silverfish derive their name from their greyish-silver metallic color. These flat-bodied eerie crawlies can reach 2cm in length, and their three tail strands make them easily identifiable. Silverfish are nocturnal creatures and are well-known for their fast movements which make them hard to catch.

Even though silverfish never bite people or bear diseases, they can be a handful if they invade your home.

Silverfish are covert insects that prefer to curl up in dark, muggy spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, attics, and basements. During the day silverfish prefer hideaways in secret areas and cracks.

Silverfish have peculiar feeding habits. These critters chew on just about anything from books, glue, fabrics such as silks and linen and other insects. If you spot strange holes in your laundry or half-eaten books, you may be under siege.

Why they’re a pest

Silverfish’s primary concern seems to be acquiring food. These tiny creatures wander about in search of a food source and linger nearby for months or even years. Silverfish feed on wallpapers, natural textiles, and books.

Silverfish destroy:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Flour
  • Paper

Silverfish eat both carbohydrates and protein, that’s to say just about anything lurking in your house, is fair game. Although silverfish don’t cause harm to us, they can lead to considerable damage to property especially in cases of a full-blown infestation, hence why it’s important to contact a silverfish control expert.


Signs of a silverfish problem

Despite their nocturnal activities, silverfish still leave sufficient evidence of their habitation. Among the indications of a silverfish scourge include:

  • Cast skins: Silverfish leave behind cast skins on kitchen and bathroom floors upon molting in adulthood.
  • Uneven-shaped cut in linen and wallpapers: Silverfish love to feed on wallpaper paste and checking your wallpaper routinely for irregular-shaped cuts may warn you of a possible infestation.
  • Yellow stains: Silverfish leave behind yellow stains on books.
  • Fecal matter: Look out for fecal matter resembling black pepper around flat surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen.Image result for silverfish

What can you do?

Check out incoming goods like books, files, and furniture. Pay particular attention to second-hand goods because they pose a more significant threat to introducing silverfish in your residence. Shun any needless long-term stockpiling of books and related paper products in sealed boxes.

Broadly, cleanliness helps and whenever possible store foods in well-sealed containers.

Use repellents like camphor robe and mothballs hangers to safeguard items within the adjacent area to create an unfriendly environment for the reproduction of silverfish.

Massive infestations must be rectified by an expert.

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