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Pest birds cost tens of millions in damage each year to roofs, buildings, automobiles, machinery, ventilation systems and much more, hence the important of bird control. Pigeon remains, poop, and nesting materials also tend to be bulky and clog drains on roofs. Lack of proper drainage may even collapse a roof. Excrement dropping down the edge of such roofs mess up the sidewalks underneath and even fall on passers-by at times. If you spot a build-up of nesting materials and bird droppings immediately call Allrid, the bird control specialists.

About bird infestations

Some of the problematic birds include; the common starling, feral pigeon, house sparrow, seagull and the welcome sparrow.

Often pigeons and sparrows build nests in voids on the rooftops and inside and outside the house. Birds occupy our homes in pursuit of food and refuge. Birds with a preference for warmer and cozy environments erect nests in our living areas.

Dangers of a bird infestation


Damaged roofs: Bird poop is acidic and erodes many substrates particularly tar-based materials. Accumulated poop corrodes the material and ultimately causes leaks. A modest and continued application of these droppings cuts the roof’s life expectancy by half.

Damaged machinery: Acidic bird excretions wreck industrial machinery, insulation, siding, air conditioning equipment, etc.

Damage to brand image: Nesting materials and poop in and around a dwelling portray a picture of negligence. In case of a restaurant, potential customers doubt the condition of its kitchen if the management doesn’t care about droppings on their signboard.

Collapsed ceilings: It’s common for pigeons to enter apartments, attics, and other buildings via unsealed openings to set up homes and shed bodily waste. Quite often the droppings become so great thereby collapsing the ceilings. You might think such occurrences are rare, but they happen with frightening frequency.

Indicators of a bird infestation

At first, you may fail to realize your property is the perfect dwelling for pest birds. Seagulls and pigeons have adapted to endure most environments by requiring the tiniest spaces to erect their nests and rummaging our waste food.

The following indicators should set off your alarm bells of a possible invasion:

  • Presence of a considerable number of birds on ledges or roofs
  • Nesting materials lying on your sidewalks
  • Damaged stock from bird fouling and pecking
  • Poop concentrated in zones where birds perch
  • Incessant bird cries mainly from young chicks


Controlling a bird infestation

In most countries wildlife laws safeguard birds, their shelter and eggs. We advocate for appropriate bird control methods such as;

Environmental management: Birds are lured to sites littered with food. Environmental management especially in urban centers – by restaurants and people dumping food – makes bird control a little more cumbersome.

Exclusion: Consult a bird control company to have them install wires, nets to seal off entry points into buildings.

Why us?

Our bird removal experts will thoroughly inspect your property to figure the best remedy options. Backed by top-of-the-range pest products meant for all kinds of birds, you can relax as we take the necessary action.

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