Bee Removal Perth

Coping with a bee problem alone is unsafe, particularly so if their nest outgrows a baseball. Bees tend to be hostile when irritated, which poses a threat to anybody who seeks to wreck their habitat. Allrid, bee removal specialists, aim to help residents tackle the menace of bees.

Understanding bees and wasps


Bees are allied to the order Hymenoptera that includes wasps, sawflies, and ants. Studies on bee DNA revealed that the insects are close cousins to present-day wasps by sharing a common ancestor; a many-great grandma. In short, bees are a type of wasp.

What differentiates a bee from a wasp? Their behavior; a bee gathers nectar and pollen to feed its offspring. Wasps catch insects for their progeny to devour. Nonetheless, some wasps have grown to collect pollen while some bees have evolved to gather rotting meat.

Spring and summer are the go-to seasons for these insects to occupy the walls of houses, that’s why you need to seek the services of bee removal experts.

Why you need urgent bee removal services

In modest numbers, bees pose little danger. However, if you note their numbers are rising, it’s time to tackle the circumstance before it gets out of hand and becomes perilous to yourself and family.

Also, it’s rather easy to elicit an onslaught – an accidental bump into the nest can cause bees to come out in huge numbers to protect their turf by inflicting painful stings which can result in swelling, or worse, a severe allergic reaction. Not to point out how difficult it’s to get away from a swarm of enraged bees keen on teaching you a lesson.

Signs of a bee infestation

You’ll spot a few bees calmly buzzing among your flowers, – which is normal – however, if you happen to notice they’re all over your yard and you resort to avoiding your garden in fear of an attack, you’ve an infestation in your hands.   At this point you need to seek the assistance of a bee removal company at the earliest opportunity.

If you have a bee infestation you’ll spot hexagon-like wax-made nests. The nests grow fast in the summer because the insects reproduce more in the warmer months. Thus, it’s advisable to treat nests at the start of the year before their numbers multiply and the insects become increasingly aggressive.

Supposing you are uncertain where the pests are coming from, follow their flight-path keenly to unearth where they’ve erected their nest.



Removing bees

Considering the perils of eliminating bees we advise untrained and unequipped persons not to attempt bee removal on their own due to the looming danger of retaliation.

Why Engage Allrid?

If you notice nests popping up your walls, garage, garden, or roof spaces, it’s likely you’ve got a bee or wasp infestation in your hands. Pick up your phone and call Allrid, the bee removal professionals. Our friendly crew of well-informed, well-equipped and professionally trained experts will address your concerns at the earliest possible.

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