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Once considered a third world or poor hygiene problem, bed bugs are now a problem all around the globe. About half a century ago, The US, UK, and Australia had almost eliminated bed bugs entirely. However, with soaring global travel, the bed bugs menace returned at a frightening rate. With Allrid, bed bug treatment specialists, you’ve got a trusted partner in fighting these unwanted guests.

About bed bugs

Bed bugs belong to the Hemiptera order. Bed bugs are cited as true ‘bugs’ owing to their sucking and piercing mouthparts. The majority of bugs eat plants, but a few are parasites and feed on animals or humans. Bed bugs have terrorized humans for centuries.

A bed bug bite is painless despite their piercing mouth parts. Some individuals never react to bites, but others tend to get itchy and swollen on the bitten surface.

Even though bed bugs carry diseases, they seldom transmit any to humans. These insects aren’t perilous unless you are allergic to their bites. Nonetheless, their presence is distressing and their bites profoundly disturbing.

Bed bugs live solely on blood. These insects prefer human blood, although they also nibble other mammals when necessary. They find their way to their host by the lure of carbon dioxide in used up air and body heat. Bed bugs usually target the arms and shoulders.

Being a secretive species, bed bugs reside in dark areas; close to where we sleep. These areas include; floorboards, carpets, mattress seams, behind paintings and loose wallpaper, and within bed frames.



Perils of a bed bug infestation

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs never transmit diseases, although they suck your blood. Victims of bites may acquire secondary infections by scratching their wounds. For some individuals, the itching is intolerable.

In some cases, bite victims may suffer an anaphylactic reaction. An asthmatic reaction is also possible resulting from the bug’s shed skin.

Signs of a bed bug scourge


Bedbugs are crafty enough in regards to hiding but they are not shrewd enough to clear up clues of their heinous nocturnal crimes. These reckless clues are the best signs that you have a bed bug problem:

  • Bloodstains on your pajamas and sheets
  • Fecal spots on beddings and mattress
  • Shed/cast exo-skeletons, bed bug shells or bed bug skins

If you spot any of these signs, you need to immediately contact a bed bug treatment company.

Bed bug treatment

Most people resort to trying to treat beg bugs by:

  • Reducing clutter: Removing personal items like soft toys, stuffed animals, electronics, blankets, etc. and anything not meant to stay permanently. However items from ravaged areas may spread the parasite to other areas.
  • Disassembling and cleaning bed frames: Undoing bed frames in ravaged areas expose the bed bug hiding areas. Accessing these areas for cleaning is vital. For an infected mattresses, people often use an encasement to prevent the parasite from entering or exiting.

While we don’t intend to downplay the importance of DIY prevention methods, it’s virtually impossible to entirely eradicate bedbugs without the assistance of a pest control expert. Specialists employ sophisticated eradication techniques that annihilate and prevent future pest infestation such as use of chemicals and cleaning suspect bedbug hiding areas.

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