Allrid has over 40 yrs experience in Pest Control services.

We've done it all. Check out our FAQS to learn more about pest control for Western Australia.

Is the treatment safe for my family and my pets?

At allrid we will ask you questions about who is at your home and will then choose the safest method of treatment to ensure your family and your home are protected with our pest control services.

Are white ants the same as termites?

Yes, although ants and termites are not related. White ants is the common name that many people know termites by.

If my house has been damaged by termites, will my building insurance will cover it?

No. Most insurance policies do not cover termite damage

How long will the pest treatment last?

On all household pests we offer a 90 day service warranty.

What should I do if I see some termite damage around my house?

Try not to disturb the termites. We want to make contact with as many of them as we can when we treat them to eliminate the nest. If you disturb them, they may just go away temporarily and then come back to the house somewhere else.

Can I treat the ants in my paving myself?

Sometimes yes.
If the infestation is not too bad you may be successful with a product from your local hardware.
However, if the infestation is bad, you will most likely waste your money on the chemicals you buy. They are not a professional quality and chemicals need to be applied correctly to get rid of the ants.

How often do I need to treat my house for protection from termites?

This depends of what part of WA you live in. In the Pilbara we apply chemical at three times the commonly used rate in Perth and this may last up to 5 years in ideal conditions this demonstrates how high the termite pressure is in the Pilbara region.
Allrid offers a 10 year warranty on termite treatments in the Perth Metropolitan area. Subject to you having annual inspections carried out by allrid.
If your technician is saying you should have it re treated every 5 years in Perth. You should call Allrid and let us take care of your family and your home.

Are you an Australian owned business?

Yes, Allrid is proudly a wholly owned and operated WA business that pays taxes in Australia.