How to Get Rid of Millipedes

When you think of pests, if you’ve never had them before, those house-loving, little millipedes probably don’t spring to mind. But they’re certainly in the pest category and are extremely common. As a homeowner, it’s a smart idea to learn millipede control strategies, so they don’t become troublesome.

Typically, millipedes live outdoors. They love your garden, feeding off fungus, decaying wood, leaves and moss. But you’ll also find them indoors too, moving slowly throughout your house.

While they don’t necessarily carry danger that many other pests do, millipedes are a nuisance and need to be managed. No-one wants to clean the residue (or smell) of dead millipedes. It’s best to be proactive in minimising the infestation.

If you can’t stand seeing a millipede, follow these tips.

The cool part is, you probably already do these things. It’s just about placing a little extra focus on it. Make sure you do these five tasks regularly.

1. Keep your grass cut short

As we mentioned, millipedes feed off grass. If you keep your lawn short and tidy, it’ll deter this pest. Spend some time manicuring the plant area, too. Remove piles of firewood because this is also a food source.

Mowing lawn to prevent millipedes

2. Seal all cracks

Inspect your home or visible gaps and possible entry points. Grab your partner and do this together. Check doors, windows, walls, and other little tricky nooks.

3. Sweep & vacuum

A simple, whole-house sweep and vacuum once a week can do wonders in deterring millipedes. Just make sure to empty your vacuum quickly, in a safe area. Millipedes live a long time – and yes, even inside an old, dust-filled vacuum.

Person sweeping to prevent millipedes

4. Check moisture levels

Millipedes love moisture. Investing in a humidity gauge or a dehumidifier could be a good idea. Talk to your electrician about potentially adding a dehumidifier into your heating and air system.

5. Improve guttering

You can follow all of these tips religiously and still have a millipede issue. This could be due to problems with your guttering. Reducing the volume of water near the base of your home to keep millipedes at bay. It’s best to bring in a roofing specialist to see how efficiently your gutters are performing.

Cleaning gutters to prevent millipedes

While there are plenty of resources that say you can manage millipedes with pesticides and sprays, this is only a Band-Aid fix.

The best millipede control method.

Avoid a spray and forget strategy. Call a team of pest control experts, like us. Stopping a millipede isn’t as simple as you might think. While physical barriers can slow down the infestation, it’s important to bring in technicians with a knowledge of pests to treat breeding areas.

The great thing about working with a pest management team is we check for other infestations while we’re there. You’d be surprised how many homes we visit that have more than one pest problem.

Be proactive, then we’ll take care of the routine checks. For more information contact us on 9339 2121.


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