7 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes From Your Home

For something so small, mozzies have a great talent for waking us up. That buzzing sound in the early hours of the morning can frustrate the calmest person. If this has happened to you, learn about mosquito control.

Did you know that there’s nearly 100 species of mozzies in Western Australia alone. Yes, they can keep you up at night and keep you scratching throughout the day, but that’s not the worst part. Many mosquitoes carry disease-causing viruses and parasites.

Every house needs a mosquito management plan, especially in summer. Follow these seven tips to mozzie-proof your home.

1. Burn incense

If you want to repel mozzies, one of the best (and most natural) ways is to burn plant-based oils. Try peppermint, cinnamon, citronella, cedar, clove, lemongrass, rosemary, thyme, tea tree oil, eucalyptus or sage.

burn incense

2. Plant citronella in your garden

Citronella is an effective, natural mozzie repellent. So, why not plant it in your garden or put in pots? It’s used in many perfumes and soaps, and now it can go in your backyard, too.


3. Invest in a good fan

Whether it’s indoors or out, position a good fan in the areas you’re hanging out. Not only will this keep you (and your guests) nice and comfortable, it’ll blow away the mosquitoes. They won’t want to fly close to it.

4. Eat lots of garlic

While adding more garlic to your meals may keep your partner from kissing you, mozzies really don’t like it. Garlic breath masks the smell of carbon dioxide when you exhale. The sulphur compounds your skin releases will also make less of a target.


5. Eat your B vitamins

Check foods that are rich in vitamin B1 like nuts, seeds, oats, eggs, beef and legumes. It’s said that when your diet is packed full of B vitamins, they start to sweat out through your skin. Mozzies can smell it and they don’t like it. It’s good for your health andto deter these pests.


6. Check your backyard

Walk around your yard and make sure there’s no of water pooled anywhere. Mozzies go to town on buckets, drains or watering cans because they’re ideal to laying eggs. It’ll take two minutes. Just make sure there’s no standing water. If you’ve got pets, reconsider where you put their water bowls or simply refill it more often.

7. Wear light, summery colours

Lucky it’s not the season you’ll wear black. If you’re heading outdoors, choose clothes that’ll help you blend in. This means no fluoro. Light colours and loose fabrics are your best bet.


Mosquito control experts.

Mozzie spray not doing the trick? Call our team of pest control Perth experts to prevent further infestations. We use strategies like applying safe chemicals that are environmentally approved.

We’ll kill their buzz, not yours.

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Ian Bright