Travel Tips: How to Avoid Pests on the Move

It’s one thing to invest in pest control around the home, but what about when you’re on the move? If you’re about to take off on your yearly road trip or caravanning adventure, how can you keep your ‘home’ pest-free? Spiders, mosquitoes, flies, bees, birds and ants… they love to holiday with you. Let’s go through […]

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7 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes From Your Home

For something so small, mozzies have a great talent for waking us up. That buzzing sound in the early hours of the morning can frustrate the calmest person. If this has happened to you, learn about mosquito control. Did you know that there’s nearly 100 species of mozzies in Western Australia alone. Yes, they can […]

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What to do When You Spot a Bee Swarm in Your Backyard

You might hear them before you spot the nest. But the second you sense a group of bees, run! Actually, call a team like us for bee removal in Perth. Not only are these pests hostile but when you multiply them, they’re extremely dangerous. Annoying bees doesn’t take much either, so they’re an easy threat […]

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5 Easy At-Home Remedies For Insect Stings

Have you woken up to a weird sting on your body? Spot insects crawling around on the floor? Don’t waste time searching freaking out about it. Have a team of trusted pest experts on hand, whenever you need it, to remove the pest. And in the meantime, learn about different at-home strategies to minimise the […]

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What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs  

Think about how many hours that you spend in your bed every night. Now, picture little bed bugs crawling in between those sheets. It’s enough to send goosebumps up your neck… and get you hunting for bedbug treatment strategies. You’ve heard the horror stories of traveller’s staying in hostels and getting bitten by bedbugs. Why? […]

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5 Dangerous Spiders In Australia

While our beautiful country is the envy of many of our cross-cultural neighbours, there’s one part that foreigners don’t love: our scary spiders. Every Australian needs to have a spider control strategy. While these eight-legged creepy crawlies are beneficial because they consume many insect pests, they shouldn’t make your home theirs. Avoid infestation problems and […]

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5 DIY Solutions for Ants

Ants. Every Aussie home has had them at one stage or another. We’ve all done something like this before – accidently leaving the pizza box out overnight and wake up to a line of ants across the kitchen bench. But sometimes, the infestation is more serious. For ongoing ant control, try these various at-home remedies […]

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5 Signs You Might Have Termites… And You Don’t Even Know It.

Okay, by you, we don’t literally mean you but your house. Termites have been around for 240 million years, so there’s been plenty of cases that prove how damaging they are. Fast action termite treatment is critical, the minute you spot these ‘white ants.’ First tip on termite treatment? Educate yourself on how to spot […]

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