5 Dangerous Spiders In Australia

While our beautiful country is the envy of many of our cross-cultural neighbours, there’s one part that foreigners don’t love: our scary spiders. Every Australian needs to have a spider control strategy. While these eight-legged creepy crawlies are beneficial because they consume many insect pests, they shouldn’t make your home theirs. Avoid infestation problems and […]

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5 DIY Solutions for Ants

Ants. Every Aussie home has had them at one stage or another. We’ve all done something like this before – accidently leaving the pizza box out overnight and wake up to a line of ants across the kitchen bench. But sometimes, the infestation is more serious. For ongoing ant control, try these various at-home remedies […]

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5 Signs You Might Have Termites… And You Don’t Even Know It.

Okay, by you, we don’t literally mean you but your house. Termites have been around for 240 million years, so there’s been plenty of cases that prove how damaging they are. Fast action termite treatment is critical, the minute you spot these ‘white ants.’ First tip on termite treatment? Educate yourself on how to spot […]

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